You Gotta Have Faith

Webster has about 5 different definitions of faith, but the one tht sticks out to me most is this one: Firm belief, even in the absence of proof.

If you really think about it, we are all born with a nautrual inclination of faith. That is why we believe what our parents tell us, believe in such figures such as the Easter bunny, Santa Clause, or the monster under your bed that you knew was there but had know way of proving it. But, as we grow older and wiser, faith is a trait that is hard to understand or have. We need proof before we believe something.

There are three steps to any habit: 1) Cue, 2)Routine 3) Reward. In order to change a hibit you must keep the cue and reward but must change the routine. But, that simple formula isn’t always as effective or as easy as it seems. Sometimes as hard as we try, we just can’t break some of our habits.

Have you ever wondered why Alcoholics Anonymous is successful and one of their early steps is believing in a higher power? It is because research has shown that when you put your faith in a higher power, you are more likely to succeed at changing your habit. This research came way after AA had their members believing in a higher power, so those guys were on to something.

Faith give you that extra encouragement, that extra push to succeed. If you go into something with the mindset that it isn’t going to work, chances are you won’t be successful at whatever it is you are trying to do. I remember when I was playing ball, coaches would always tell us to “have faith in our technique” or “have faith in our system.” It wasn’t until I actually started having faith in what I was doing, then I became successful.

Faith doesn’t have to be in God, Allah, Buddha, or whatever other spiritual figure. (Although I recommend having your higher power be spiritual, it is not required) Your higher power may be the system you are using, or even just yourself. one of this biggest reason AA is so successful at getting and keeping people sober is that the successful ones believe in the system. They believe that the system works and believe that a higher power will give them strength to make it work,


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