Success Stories Edition #2

Hello everyone, Rex here. I know I have been M.I.A. for the past few weeks, and I apologize. I have been in the middle of moving and have been swamped with other projects, but during that time, I met a man that I had to introduce to you. I was standing in Starbucks, waiting for my coffee and a man walked up to me talking about my car and how much he liked it. He mentioned to me that he owns a detailing business, Central Kentucky Mobile Detailing, and gave me his car. While I have never been one to have someone else wash my car, I decided to give him a call. He came over and did an outstanding job detailing my car and we got to talking about how he got into the business. His story amazed me. Rather than do it an injustice, I had him write a short summary about it. I hope you enjoy it and it inspires you as much as it did me:


They say a man always has to learn things the hard way, my life is no different, I had a loving wife, a beautiful baby girl, everything was just perfect except my addictions. My family unaware of why I stayed out with friends late at night, “babe just poker night, I’ll be late”, and my wife would just reply “take care honey”. The poor soul had no idea, that it was my night out with my druggie friends in our joint near the casino. I never felt I was doing wrong, my wife sleeping, thinking I am with friends, whereas I was sniffing coke like there was no tomorrow. I felt satisfaction, I had the perfect life, and I was living the dream a happy family and me with all my recreational activities.


The buzz of my drugs kept me on the seventh heaven, made me feel alive, but I was brought down to the ground, back to reality, when one day, there was a drug bust at our joint, the narcs came rushing in, I was halfway through my line of dose, as they cuffed me. Still too high to grasp the reality I was unaware of half the things happening, I was arrested and sent to the precinct for further punishment. The cops had already called my wife, she was at the station when we arrived, her eyes filled with disgust, heartbreak and utter disappointment, that is when I came to senses and realized what had I done. She left without uttering a word, but her silence was too loud for me, I was disgusted by myself. I was sentenced to thirty six months in a maximum security prison.


I got released tried contacting my wife, but she refused to listen or talk. That is when I realized that for just minutes of recreation, I missed my daughter’s childhood, the beautiful first 3 years of her life. I started looking for a job, struggled with it because of my police record, but I requested my wife that if I mend my life and started earning fairly, would she take me back in her life, with hesitation she did say yes.


So I searched and searched until I saw a guy, in a parking lot of the Westside mall. I saw him scrubbing and polishing a Ford Mustang, I was intrigued and went to him, and he told me how he free-lanced and modified and worked on car detailing.


I came back to my apartment, I thought over it, and all the money I had saved working at the mall, I thought of investing and starting my own car detail business, as I did not have a workshop, I followed that man’s idea, and started a mobile car detail business on a very small scale, took some tips, from John, the guy from whom I got the idea. At the start I hardly found clients, but with time and struggle I managed to make a name for myself as I was good with cars, and was committed to the cause.


I felt that if I could spend hours gambling or abusing drugs, I could surely dedicate myself to my business and win my family back, with this sole purpose I worked day and night, in the worst of weathers, and it all paid off. Now I am a well renowned mobile car detailing business owner of the name Scrubs car detailing. By cleaning cars, and modifying and detailing them, I have cleansed my life from my horrid past, I live with my wife and daughter, I still rue that I wasted half my life on drugs but at the same time think of it as an eye opener.


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