Success Stories Edition #1

I truly believe that the more that you hear about, read about, or see someone doing something that you want to do or are thinking about doing, it will motivate you to do it. This can be both a positive thing or a negative thing. So, with that being said, I want to make sure I put as much positive influence in front of you as I can. I would like to introduce a new series of post that I am going to call “Success Stories.” These are going to be interview with people who have made it out of that valley of death and lived to tell there stories. They will be business owners, athletes, community leaders, ect. I want the to share their stories with you all because I want you to see that there is hope and that you aren’t stuck where you are at.

This week I am talking to Jeff, owner of ( Find him on Facebook here).– Jeff, Give us a little background and tell us what led you to where you are now. Continue reading “Success Stories Edition #1”