It’s the JOURNEY that matters

Life has a funny way of working out.

One minute you are a successful college football player with NFL dreams. The next minute you are sitting in the doctors office being told that you will never play the game you love, the game that has become who you are, your identity, ever again. The next minute, you are trying to replace the huge hole in your heart that was created when that game was ripped out of you with drugs, alcohol, and sex. Stealing from family, friends, and even strangers to feed an addiction. Sleeping on couch to couch because any money you get is going to a drug dealer. Not being able to have a steady relation because all you are looking for is your next slam piece. Eventually you get to a point where the stuff you were using to fill that hole in your heart makes the hole bigger. And deeper. You come to a point where there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is what we like to call “Rock Bottom.” Continue reading “It’s the JOURNEY that matters”